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The Students League

  The Students League of "Petru Maior" University function as conventional body according to its status and to the judicial decision.

  This is an independent organization which can have as members the students of "Petru Maior" University no matter their nationality, sex, political views or religious believes. The league performs an independent activity without being subordinated to any politic party. It guarantees and defends the syndicate rights and the free opinion of the students according to the Romanian Constitution.

  The relationships between The Students League and the board of "Petru Maior" University are stipulated by the Romanian Constitution and by The Administration Rules of the University.

"The Students League" pursues the promoting and the defending of the dignity, rights and interests of its members, the active involvement in the academic life of "Petru Maior" University and of The University Center from Tg. Mures and the securing of the necessary framework for the development of the social and cultural activities. It promotes solidarity and mutual help among its members; it stimulates the creative initiatives of the students, the innovative spirit and their involvement in international contests; it represents the interest of its members in the relationships with the board of "Petru Maior" University, with the authorities or with law organisms as well as with social organisms and institution; it also support the students free access to all means of local and international informing.
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