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Vice-Rector in Charge
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and International Relations

Prof. dr. eng. Liviu MOLDOVAN

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"Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureş is a component of the Romanian state higher educational system, and subscribes by all its programmatic documents - the University Chart, the Strategic Plan, the Operational Plans and The Scientific Research Strategy for 2012-2016 and by its present activities to the principles expressed in the National Plan of Research, Development and Innovation for the period 2007 - 2013 and to the Europe Agenda 2020. The Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth represents the strategy of European economic growth for the next ten years and it is the main direction of the scientific activity of the university staff.

The detection and support of the competitive research groups

There are a number of research centers :
– Advanced Technologies for Assisted Design and Manufacturing
– Energy and Electrotechnologies Management
– Centre for Literary Criticism and History: Modernity and Post-modernity in the Romanian Literature of
   the 20th Century
– Scientific Research Centre of Romanian Elites
– Research Centre for Computer Science
– Research Centre for Economics
– Research Centre "Optimizing the Performance of Organizations"
– Research Centre for Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies
– Research Centre for Law and Socio-Humanistic Sciences
– Research Centre for Urbanism and Public Policies

The university has a publishing house accredited by the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNCSIS), "Petru Maior" University Publishing House of Tîrgu-Mureş and supports the publication of the research carried out by university professors and other research scientists through a number of 4 journals accredited by CNCS: one B+ type journal, Curentul Juridic, ISSN 1224-9173, two B type journals - The Scientific Bulletin of "Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureş, ISSN 1841-9267, Studia Universitatis "Petru Maior". Series Philologia, ISSN 1582-9960, one C type journal, Studia Universitatis "Petru Maior". Series Historia, ISSN 1582-8433 as well as 2 non accredited journals, Studia Universitatis Petru Maior. Series Oeconomica, ISSN 1843-1127 and L'Europe Unie, ISSN 978-2-7497-0051.

The promotion of long-term trans-disciplinary research

Different projects for development and scientific research were financed by national and European funds, as follow :
– EEA-Ro 0038
– MoVE-IT Innovative Tools and models for Vocational Education and Training in Central and Western
   Romania Liviu MOLDOVAN
– LLP-LdV/ TOI/ SE/ 11/ 1387
– Global-SRS Mobile learning methodology for European trainers and VET systems quality improvement
– SK-RO-0014-10/ANCS
– Hybrid Medical Complex Systems - Barna IANTOVICS
– BG-RO-461CB /2010
– NextGenElectroMedSupport- Electronic Health Records for the Next Generation Medical Decision
   Support in Romanian and Bulgarian National Healthcare Systems - Barna IANTOVICS
– POS - CCE 115/ 25.05.2010
– The Growth of the Administrative Capacity of Petru Maior University through the Electronic
   Management of Documents - Calin ENACHESCU

Internal regulations have been introduced according to the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth, and Sports, Order/HG 789/2011 stating the promotion conditions based on the scientific research, as well as a grid for the annual evaluation of personal scientific research activities.

"Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureş is a Doctoral Study Organizing Institution (DSOI) in the field of Literary Studies since 2007, having 3 doctorate coordinating professors: Prof. Ph.D. Iulian BOLDEA, Prof. Ph.D. Cornel MORARU and Prof. Ph.D. Alexandru CISTELECAN. The head of the Doctoral School of is Prof. Ph.D. Iulian Boldea.

The University also has in its structure other teaching staff that conduct doctoral theses, but activate in other universities in the country - Prof. dr. eng. Vasile BOLOS, Prof. univ. dr. Tatiana DANESCU, Prof. dr. eng. Lucian GRAMA, Prof. dr. eng. Liviu MARIAN, Prof. Ph.D. Cornel SIGMIREAN.

As it develops its material basis by obtaining new spaces, "Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu-Mureş accomplishes public-private type partnerships by establishing personal, dedicated research centers. With the financial support of European funds, some laboratories were equipped with e-learning top technology for conducting courses in system on and off line.
The professors of our University publish an important number of scientific papers through the University publishing house, as well as through other publishing houses, books, articles in ISI journals, and in prestigious scientific events' bulletins.

The university organizes national and international conferences, among them:
– Interdisciplinarity in Engineering - "INTER-ENG"
– Communication, Context, Interdisciplinarity - "CCI"
– International Conference on Economics, Law and Management - "ICELM"
– Emerging Market Queries in Finance and Business
– European Integration Beween Tradition and Modernity - "EITM"
– Ideology, Identity and Inter-Ethnical Contact in Post-Communist Romania
– Hybrid Medical Complex Systems
– NextGenElectroMedSupport- Electronic Health Records for the Next Generation
– International Workshop on Next Generation Intelligent Medical Decision Support Systems - MedDecSup

The results of our professors' research activity have been officially recognized by the proper State Office (OSIM) and they have been conferred different licenses and titles of invention. The research activity in our university has also been awarded on various occasions, one of the most prestigious ones being the "Vasile Conta Award" of the Romanian Academy, conferred to prof. Ph. D. Iulian Boldea for his work "Opera blagiana. Filosofie si destin" ("Lucian Blaga's Work. Philosophy and Destiny").

In order to stimulate the promotion of young researchers, the University created institutional structures for the support and implementation of POS-DRU projects in the field of Human Resources Development.
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