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"Gh. I. Bratianu" Association

  "Gh. I. Bratianu" Association was founded in December 1996 by the first generation of the students from History-English section which functions within the Faculty of Science and Letters. The purpose of this association is that of stimulating the scientific activity, the team work, the exchange of experience and the strengthening of the relationship with the students from philology from all over the country.

  The activity of the Association is reflected by the Scientific meetings performed regularly, by the involvement of the students in the Scientific Sessions organized by different university centers from all over the country. This association organized two national Sessions on History Themes in 1998 and 2000. Students from Alba Iulia, Cluj-Napoca, Constanţa, Oradea, Sibiu and Timişoara took part at these meetings.

  The entire scientific activity of the members is mirrored in the students revue "Bratianu’s Notebooks" which has had 2 issues so far.

  "Gh. I. Bratianu" Association wants to develop its scientific activity promoting relationships with the other universities from the country. It also wants to consolidate the relationships both at the individual and at professional level. It also wants to continue the publishing activity by issuing "Bratianu Notebooks" as well as by involving a large No of students in the scientific activities.
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